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Wed 29 May 2013 in 50,11:
50.9010340, 11.5600973

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On a hill near Ammerbach.


Expedition: Jens[edit]

For a long time I was not sure, whether I will ignore this point or not. But at the end the short distance won and I decided to visit it after work. "Wetter-Online" predicted "two raindrops". That may mean everything from "cloudy but dry" till "be warned, you will be soaked", today it meant "two raindrops". That was acceptable.

It was a short way to Ammerbach by bike, where I parked it at the bottom of the hill the point lay on. From here I went the last 500 meters on foot. Good decision. Others may have tried to climb the hill by bike, but I’m not that crazy. So the last 500 meters were a relaxed walk and only the last 10 became haspoint typical.

I left the path and entered a thicket where a machete would have been helpful (once again). A cloudy sky above, trees and brushwood all around, so the GPS signal was fading of course. Whenever a moved 1 meter in reality the GPS device moved 5. And this in an area where it took 10 seconds to move this 1 meter. So a distance of 6 meters must be close enough for today’s finished-photo. (Btw. I forgot to switch on the coordinates field, but believe me, the flag is at the point)

Photos: Jens[edit]

Parking area  
The point is on the left side of the path. Good luck.  
Maybe it's here...  
... or 6 meters away, who knows?  
Another geohasher I met on my way back.  
A view down the hill.  
And another one.  

Expedition: Juja[edit]

Obviously I am no longer the Geohashing Weasel... I asked Jens the day before whether he would go to this point, and he didn't really want to because of the weather forecast (two raindrops, see above), and I also had my fill of mud on Monday. So it looked like neither of us would go to this point that was, technically speaking, too near to miss.

But after I had been at the pool it still wasn't raining, so I decided to call Manu, ask for the coordinates (I hadn't even saved them to my GPS before) and visit them before no one else would go. I cycled to Ammerbach, then up the hill by bike (yes, yes I am), on paths that were really great for mountainbiking, why haven't I been there before? I could even trick my GPS to get 3 meters close to the point without leaving the path (due to bad reception in the forest), but for the 0m shot there was some climbing necessary - through the bushes, but there were some imaginary paths I could use (I am seeing quite a lot of imaginary paths lately).

After the work was done it was time for fun: I had passed another way before that was going straight uphill (even more), and of course I needed to know where this one would go, so I went up there and had a nice view over Ammerbach and Jena, and I also liked those paths up there a lot. So I made my peace with the forest, the mud and the "bad weather" again, yay!

Photos: Juja[edit]

Hashpoint reached!  
Yes, it looks still the same as for Jens.  
Stupidly grinning Geohasher back out of the bushes.  
Not the way to the Geohash...  
...but to this nice outlook!