2013-05-26 63 22

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Sun 26 May 2013 in 63,22:
63.1145906, 22.9600620

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In the outskirts of Kauhava, in a forest.



Last day of the road trip of Pastori and The Wife. The first hashvisit of the trip.

Pastori starts boldly towards the hashpoint!

We started our journey home from the wedding in Seinäjoki, which was a magnificent, traditional Ostrobothnian party. Early in the morning we headed towards the north. The hashpoint we were determined to reach was in the outskirts of Kauhava, in a forest about 500 meters from the road. The morning was warm and the mosquitoes were already awake. Luckily this time Pastori and The Wife had made some preparations, that is fishing caps, some insecticide and naturally the trusty Nokia rubber boots.

The grins on the hashpoint.

Our trip to the hashpoint was quite inconvenient and sweaty. The undergrowth was thickety and there was some swamp with ditches also. Making some curves and going around the bigger ditches we finally reached a pine forest bed, where the point finally lay among some couple of meters tall pine saplings. On the way back we took an easier route, but walked nevertheless a total of about one kilometer. A brisk and sweaty morning exercise.

Our trip continued homewards.

Additional photos[edit]


Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 22) geohash on 2013-05-26.
2013-05-26 63 22DSC 1108 1500px.jpg