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2013-05-18 63 28

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Sat 18 May 2013 in 63,28:
63.8160056, 28.6109384

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[edit] Location

In Rumonkangas, Rumo, Valtimo. The point lies in a forest with no settlements nearby.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Today's hashpoint was 7,5 km from our home as birds fly and no more than 11,5 km as human's can go, too. So there we must go. The only problem was that we had an appointment to make: an 80th birthday party. (Neither Pastori's nor the Wife's) Thus we had to bury our plans of going there by bicycle and instead put formal attire on and went by car.

[edit] Expedition

Pastori looking for the hashpoint.

With a detour to the party our whole journey was 120 km. It didn't matter, however, because on the way back we had a chance to earn a formal attire geohash achievement and consume the extra calories brought to us by the party food and birthday cake.

The warmth of summer had arrived also to the remotest corner of Northern Karelia. Today it was a beautiful sunny day with 23°C. What would be better to go on a little geohashing trip?

The formal attire!

The hashpoint was in the municipality of Valtimo, village of Rumo, in Rumonkangas. The location of the hashpoint was, according to it's name ("kangas" means dry pine forest), in a dry sand-bedded forest dominated by pines. We could get by car about 170 meters from the point. The point was along the UKK hiking trail, which is a several hundred kilometers long chain of hiking trails in the Eastern border of Finland managed by the state and the municipalities. The trail is named after a former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who was known as an avid sportsman, trekker and fisherman. It was easy to walk to the point even with our formal attire. Pastori's black jacket gathered some pollen from the trees, though. We could also reach good accuracy within the sparse forest, best reading was only 1,08 m from hashpoint.

Pastori and The Wife were very happy with their accomplishment in a festival day.

[edit] Additional photos

[edit] Achievements

Formal attire.PNG
Pastori and The Wife earned the Formal attire achievement
by looking good at the (63, 28) geohash on 2013-05-18.
2013-05-08 63 28DSC 0826 1500px.jpg
Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on 2013-04-29.
2013-05-08 63 28DSC 0790 1500px.jpg