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Fri 17 May 2013 in 50,11:
50.9155584, 11.4932517

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On a forestway near Vollradisroda.



Weather forecast said there would be thunderstorms in the evening, so I better went to that Geohash before work. It was pretty hard to get up so early, but surprisingly I was in high spirits on the first kilometers on my bike already - before 8 am, it's incredible! The way was beautiful, sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, the forest was bright green, coleseed fields were bright yellow, it seemed like a weird trip with lots of mud puddles in between. Way to start a day!

I even encountered another biker while I was taking photos of the location, but she only inquired where the forestway would go and went on. Still - a ninja hasher? I went back through the same puddles and now downhill on the bumpy way on my fully rigid bike, ouch, when did I ever have so much fun Geohashing? :D


Little lily of the valley, first indicator of a really good day.  
That's the way I took. Exactly what ways should look like.  
Oh the beauty! (Note huge mud puddle in front, this massively adds to it.)  
A really green forest (yes, I'm gonna rave about this every time!)  
Proof of location.  
Woschi on my bike at the Geohash.  
I guess now I'm ready for the office, huh?