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2013-05-16 46 -120

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Thu 16 May 2013 in Yakima:
46.4460994, -120.5228368

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[edit] Location

In a field west of Wapato.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

I will drive from Seattle and arrive between 2 and 3. I'll also explore the Reservation Memorial Park, a little further down the road. This is my third attempt at the Yakima graticule, and I am hoping to achieve my 98th overall success today.

[edit] Expedition

A nice cloudy day in Seattle - what better thing to do than drive 170 miles for a geohash!

No problem with the drive; the Prius managed the four passes just fine. Stopped at Miner's for a shake, and then on to the geohash.

Easily found the field in question, and snapped a few photos before entering. Rows of young corn crops, a little less than a meter apart, are growing well. I stepped over the various rows to reach the spot. The geohash dance is a little stilted when you have to hop over rows.

The one problem I had was uploading to the net - though I seemed to have a cell connection, the upload took for-ever!

After the geohash, I headed down the road to the Yakama reservation memorial park. In the cemetery, geohash droid managed to upload the photo, but didn't complete the edit to the page :( Ah well. Geohash complete, I headed further east to meet my pal to see Star Trek 3D.

[edit] Photos

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