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Fri 10 May 2013 in 50,11:
50.8732713, 11.5275140

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On a meadow between Bucha and Ossmaritz



Today’s task was to build a bridge from Ascension Day to the weekend. And the point‘s coordinates had the perfect size to fit as stone in the bridge. So I started in south direction through the paradise, which was temporary renamed to “hell” by thousands of broken Ascension Day bottles. Leaving the hell behind me, I continued on the Maua commemoration route I had chosen. From Maua I followed the dirt road beside the creek Leutra to Bucha and this way perfidious stalked to the point from the back side.

When I had a look to the point before on Google earth, I feared it could be on a field with young growing plants guarded by a farmer with one fork in the hand and another in the other. But no, it was a meadow, the young plants growing there were made of grass and no farmer was to be seen. So I entered the point, took the some photos and left the point via Bucha, Döbritschen, Großschwabhausen.

And now when the hard work of the day is done – writing down this report – the next two stones can be inserted into the bridge, named “eating some cake” and “continue painting the mummy” …

Photos: Jens[edit]

Welcome to "Goldenes Schiff" in Maua. Enjoy the view.  
The path to Bucha ...  
... and the Leutra beside it.  
Coordinates reached.  
View from the point.  
Räbe, sitting on the point.  
Räbe, posing for next years creature calendar.  
Next bridge stone: "painting the mummy".  

Expedition: Juja[edit]

Not knowing Jens had visited the Hash already, Juja noticed that today's point was almost on one of the routes she could take for cycling home to her parents in the evening. So she started after work (no bridges available here), first did a 6km prologue through paradise/hell (one round just for nothing because the queen of forgetfulness left her purse and phone at home) and then set out to finally conquer the Hashpoint - not a perfect way for roadbikes, but anything goes. And after that, on to the other home at southern Thuringia...

Photos: Juja[edit]

On the way to the point - note the cunningly hidden digger.  
Through a very green forest...  
Hashpoint reached! Only marked by curious footsteps in the grass.  
View from the Hash.  
Little Davey waiting at my bike.