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Wed 8 May 2013 in 60,24:
60.3755020, 24.8518256

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In Vantaa, Riipilä village. The point is on a field.



Pastori and The Wife awakened in a morning after the World Ice Hockey Championships game their ears still ringing from the loud music during the intermissions. The game, Austria vs. Latvia, was very interesting experience, in the category of once-in-a-lifetime. After a breakfast offered by our son we headed home through visiting our other son for lunch. (Our third son is translating my texts into English. We also have more sons in reserve and also one daughter. Well, lets get to the point already!)


The field the hashpoint was on.
In the way home there seemed to be two hashpoints with only little detours. The first one was in the lush field scenery of southern Finland, in a village called Riipilä, which is part of the city of Vantaa. We could get by car about 50 meters from the hashpoint, which was on a recently sown field. About 30 meters was as close as we could get. We didn't dare to go into the sown area, especially as the farmer exited his tractor, which was about the size of a one-family house, and approached us. We of course had to explain what was our business, that we were not EU-inspectors or other kind of public authority, and we just happen to have a silly hobby called geohashing.
Pastori looking at coordinates hopelessly.

The farmer returned to his machine and maybe shaked his head a little while going. We ourself consider this point as reached, although there remained the 37 meters distance. We have to respect the meticulous sowing work done by another person. [Editor's note: I have to remind Pastori that points on a planted field that could not be reached are definitely counted as failures, and will mark this as such.]

The day was warm as summer, about 20 degrees, the Sun was shining and a Eurasian Skylark sang while flying above the fields. The summer is finally coming to Northland!

We then continued our journey towards home and the hashpoint 62,27 in between.

Additional photos[edit]