2013-05-06 61 25

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Mon 6 May 2013 in 61,25:
61.0051680, 25.9249640

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In Nastola. The point lies near a road in a forest, the nearest feature with a name is Matinlammi, which is a small lake.



Early morning mist in Valtimo.

In the homegrounds, there had been raining over twenty-four hours straight, so everything was wet and miserable. Thus Pastori decided to make a trip to the south with The Wife. Our journey was headed towards Helsinki, the reason being search for the Sun and the Ice Hockey World Championships.


In the night the rain had ceased and temperature dropped to zero, the picture of mist is taken from our yard at 4 o'clock am.

Pastori posing as an ice hockey goalie. Note the minuscule goalie sticks.
We took on our way in the morning after the weather had warmed, and drove about 450 km. And look at that, there was a geohashpoint really near! We veered from the Heinola-Lahti motorway and drove about 7 km on a smaller road and then about 1 km on a gravel road. The point was about 5 meters from the road and accuracy was splendid, 0,4 meters. The temperature was 18°C. We had found the Sun, warmth and a hashpoint! Excellent!

Beautiful Finnish lake scenery.
Then we just drove to Helsinki and our place of stay. Our whole journey today was 560 km and it took 9,5 hours. Tomorrow we will go watch an ice hockey game and in Wednesday we will drive home.

Geohashing apparently broadens the world and brings variety to life.

Additional photos[edit]


Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (61, 25) geohash on 2013-05-06.
2013-05-06 61 25 DSC 0669 1500px.JPG