2013-05-03 -34 150

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Fri 3 May 2013 in -34,150:
-34.1651645, 150.3267461

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Near Lake Burragorang, southwest of Sydney




Train, then bike.


  • A failed attempt.

I caught the train from Sydney to Campbelltown and headed off towards this hash on my bike. Unfortunately by the time I got started it was only an hour or so until dark. After a hamburger from the Camden fish and chip shop I pressed on through the night, however the roads were quite busy, being only 6 o'clock or so, and consequently not too much fun to ride on (this being a rural road where the cars are going past at 100, without much of a shoulder. I decided to take a break at The Oak Pub and continue a bit later. While there I got chatting to some locals who assured me the road onwards was steep, windy and narrow and best not ridden in the dark, especially since there was no moon and my lights aren't really up to scratch for unlit roads. So I slept the night at Mungo's place and set off at 6am to see what the previous day's hash was all about. First I headed up to the lookout over Warrangamba dam, from where I could see the hash point. I also discovered the hashpoint was in a prohibited water catchment area.

I continued to the road leading to the hashpoint, passing the locked gate saying restricted area, but then came to the prohibited area gate with surveillance cameras. By this stage I had realised that the "road" marked on google maps was probably more of a rough track and so getting to the hashpoint would probably require a walk of up to 20 km and so all these factors, combined with the fact it was yesterdays hash and the $11000 fine for entering a prohibited water catchment persuaded me to stop there. I headed down the hill into Picton, where I got internet again, only to discover I'd passed within 200m of today's hash along the way. -- Tblundy (talk) @-34.1683,150.6120 20:31, 3 May 2013 (EDT)

  • For completion, then I rode to Wollongong to see my cousin Matt play in his jazz band and then caught the train home to Sydney. -- Tblundy (talk) @-33.9698,151.1169 04:57, 4 May 2013 (EDT)