2013-04-19 -33 138

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Fri 19 Apr 2013 in -33,138:
-33.9986016, 138.6729531

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In the Clare Valley, South Australia

Who went[edit]


I was driving back from my work at the Prominent Hill mine site with my coworker, Greg, for a long road trip to Adelaide. During the 800km long journey I told him about geohashing and how awesome it is. Greg suggested we check the coordinates as we came into Adelaide and lo and behold: a geohash was located right near the road in through the Clare Valley - a detour we were already talking about taking.

The Clare Valley is a particularly nice wine-growing region of South Australia and sure enough, approaching the coordinates, the area was very picturesque. Once we pulled over at the road's closest approach we saw the 800m to the hash was a bit iffy - through a vinyard and near a farm house. We instead drove up to the house and I tried to ask permission to enter.

No one being home except for a small yappy dog, we drove further up the dirt track, around a small vinyard and up onto a ridge, parking 200m from the hash. I got out, left Greg on the lookout, climbed the barbed-wire fence and strolled down to the hash taking photos when I got there. I returned nonchalantly to the car where Greg was keen to move on away from any potential conflict.

A very fortuitous geohash location.



Felix Dance earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-33, 138) geohash on 2013-04-19.