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Sat 13 Apr 2013 in 50,11:
50.7294879, 11.6855494

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On a meadow near Lausnitz, Thuringia.


  • Juja
  • her favorite Ninja
  • Hasi, Ritchie and Woschi


I am looking after Manu's and Reinhard's flat while they're on holiday, so it was very tempting to just kidnap some of the Hashcots they left behind and go to a Geohash while their owners are far away. :)

Today was the day: I had time and the point was at reasonable distance, and even my Ninja would accompany me. The evening before was really nice and sunny, so I was sure this was gonna be nice, too. Well: first try, we started right after breakfast and as we left the house there were the first raindrops, too. Went on for not even 2 kms, then cycled back because we were wet already. Bored at home: read comics and watched the rain. My patience seems to be used up by the endless winter already, so I couldn't wait to start again and the Ninja gave up after half an hour and followed me.

We had real April weather on our tour: sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, a little wind here and there and changing about every ten minutes. At least we didn't get really wet again and even reached the hashpoint eventually. For the way back we picked adventurous fieldways that turned out to be pretty good, had a late (but really good) lunch at "Waldfrieden" (near Hummelshain) and cycled back on Saaleradweg so we'd pass all those pretty playgrounds in Lobeda before we get home. Yay!


The muddy way to the point.  
Hashpoint reached!  
The adventurous Hashcots at the point.  
Hasi grinning because he gets carried back, too.  
View from the Hash to where our bikes were waiting.  
At lunch: Hasi made a friend.  
Distant Leuchtenburg in April weather.  
Almost back home: Hasi made more friends.