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Fri 12 Apr 2013 in 50,13:
50.5442503, 13.6851036

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In a forest near Braňany



Check my bike and get there and back before 18:00 or before it starts raining.


Bike seemed to be OK, so I took my bag and left. Thirteen kilometers doesn't sound so horrible, but it's my first trip after "winter" has left. First problem showed up after I have left town. I was not able to change the front wheel by shuffer, and there was a smaller hill coming. I stopped and did that by hand. And that's how I came to my first geohashing injury. Nothing serious, I fixed the bug with a patch and moved on.

It seems to be spring! There are few coltsfoots! Ooh, and the smell, it have to be the water. Dear readers, you're lucky you cannot smell it from the computer. Awful!

Down and up; down and up: there's the forest. Sixty meters on road, should I lock the bike here or...yes, I'll take it with me :) Ultimate bicycle geohash.

OK, I've reached it, nobody's probably coming so I'll leave.

There are cops in a car. Police geohash? Should I do something in order to get it? Does it really worth it? Well, probably no, but...they were both sleeping anyway.

The back wheel is almost empty! Second bug to fix, I'll do it "tomorrow"...



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