2013-04-12 42 -88

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Fri 12 Apr 2013 in 42,-88:
42.1544702, -88.0223777

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It appears to be directly next to a couple major roads, in a field next to a Menard's parking lot.



StatMan22: I plan to just pull into the Menard's parking lot that is directly on my drive home. Easy as pie!

Swoop2: This is also on my way home. Sweet!


Swoop2 and TJAMM stopped over around 11:15 AM. We needed to get some air and get out of the office. It was lightly raining and a little muddy. We parked in the far corner of Menards and hiked up over the hill. We left a cardboard box-top to mark the spot. StatMan22, if you find it please take it with you (otherwise, I'll go get it on Monday). It was fun!!

StatMan22: To preface this, I entered my plans to go to this hash early in the morning, but was busy at work and wasn't able to check this page until I got home. Anyways, it was a drizzling a bit when I arrived in the parking lot, and as I was wandering up the hill and into the field, I vaguely noticed that it appeared that people had walked this way before me. Nonetheless, I forged my way to the point, and took a few pictures of the area and myself, still totally unaware that someone had been there before me! Then BAM, I turn around and I see Swoop and TJAMM's sign! This is the first ever time I've seen something at a hash, so I was really excited. I took a picture and added my name to the sign, but unfortunately didn't see Swoop's note above to take it with me-maybe somebody else will go after me and see it! I'll add my photos once I figure out how to get pictures off my phone (read: once my girlfriend teaches me how to use technology).



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