2013-04-12 -37 143

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Fri 12 Apr 2013 in -37,143:
-37.5442503, 143.6851036

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In a friends paddock in Bo Peep!



This one was a real kicker! So we decided to do a late-night last-minute geohash, as usual. But NOT as usual, we didn't do a thorough check of the map before we left. I was directed there by my mate and when we got there I realised it was the property of another friend! Of course by now it's 11:49pm and this friend is a proper farmer, with the whole early to bed early to rise mentality, but the worst part of it all is that she's been geohashing with me before! If she was awake I'm sure she would've allowed us into her property, but seeing she wasn't awake and I didn't particularly want to be gored by a prize angus bull, or break trespassing laws, we headed home. what a pain! we could've actually done this one!


Another private property consolation prize, yet another step towards my posted achievement.