2013-04-11 36 -76

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Thu 11 Apr 2013 in 36,-76:
36.8250964, -76.0780843

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Parking lot of the Bingo Palance on S. Lynnhaven Rd in Virginia Beach, VA



A convenient hashpoint close to my home. It almost wasn't worth going to, except that I thought I could ride by bike and score a Tron Acheivement for it. I decided to go home after work and head out for it.


I was able to ride right to the point and do some photos, then completed a large circuit of the parking lot to avoid crossing my trail for the Tron award and finished a circle to get back home.

It was pretty uneventful, but a nice day to be out on a bike ride.



Archer27 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (36, -76) geohash on 2013-04-04.
Archer27 earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 1 Mile to and from the (36, -76) geohash on 2013-04-11.
Archer27 earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (36, -76) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2013-04-11.