2013-04-09 43 -80

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Tue 9 Apr 2013 in 43,-80:
43.2368933, -80.0018926

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Ancaster, Ontario.




Not much planning required - the location was only a couple of miles from where we live. I'd been waiting until a close-by target arose and this happened to fall in a pretty part of Ancaster.


I announced to my wife that this is what I wanted to do today, and made a mental note of where to go. Conveniently the internet went down for us just before 3pm, so lacking anything else to waste time on, we set out. We parked the car 100m from the trail and made our way through the woods for about 5 minutes, then we were there! She took a couple of pictures and it started to rain, so we left a mark and headed back. We passed Griffin House on the way back, so we were able to take in a bit of local history as well.