2013-04-04 41 -88

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Thu 4 Apr 2013 in 41,-88:
41.8009754, -88.1004520

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Just off the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood in Lisle, Illinois, U.S.A.



This 'hash is just 3 miles from my home. It's too close to pass up, so I'll swing by tonight after work.

Edit: Slight change of plan. EvilUncleNomo will swing by home first and pickup The Wife.


This geohash by someone's mailbox, between the sidewalk and the street. As we wandered around looking down at our cell phones trying to find the point closest to the target, a women watched us nervously from inside the house. We briefly discussed explaining what we were doing, but instead decided to quickly record our success, wave, and escape before she called the cops.