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2013-04-02 47 -122

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Tue 2 Apr 2013 in Seattle:
47.7180351, -122.0166102

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[edit] Location

Off 242nd Ave in Redmond, near the top of the bluff overlooking Duvall. Just south of the Tolt Pipeline Trail.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Stop by after work, roughly 4:30.

[edit] Expedition

A bit of a winding drive, and very much the wrong way from home, but worth it for a geohash! I saw a few spots where one might hike a bit to see over the bluff, but it also looked like private property, so I demured. I crossed the Tolt Pipeline trail (really an access road - though the evidence of plenty of horses indicates it is multi-use) and soon arrived on the spot.

I got out, snapped a few pics, and completely forgot to chalk the pavement. Rain threatening (which only happens here in months that have 3 or more letters), I decided to head for home. No meetup, but +1 success!

[edit] Photos