2013-04-02 45 -111

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Tue 2 Apr 2013 in 45,-111:
45.7180351, -111.0166102

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[edit] Location

North of Bozeman, 200 feet off of Valley Ridge Road at the edge of a field.

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[edit] Plans

I saw the location this morning and decided to grab it for how close it was.

[edit] Expedition

It was an easy drive to 200 ft of the location. I was originally worried that the field would be fenced, or there would be houses nearby, but neither of those were the case. The road is completely devoid of houses, although there is electric and gas set up for about 10 to be built. After photographing the location I drove down the rest of the road for OSM and mapped it.

On they way home I nabbed Hang Up and Drive 10, GC3BZ3C.

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