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Mon 1 Apr 2013 in 46,11:
46.0690692, 11.0406531

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In the woods west of Sopramonte, Mt.Bondone, Trento.




I didn't notice Monday's hash was so close to Trento until early afternoon, so this wasn't exactly planned.

My last expedition to Segno taught me to always think for a plan B when geohashing, so I studied two different paths to reach the hashpoint, one from Sopramonte and one from Baselga.

Despite not being too close to the city centre, both villages are included in Trento's municipality and thus reachable by the city bus network rather than intercity coaches. That was good, because it meant regular timetables while coaches have pretty sparse running times on Sundays and holidays. Bus no.6 reaches Sopramonte once an hour, and that time looked enough to reach the hashpoint both from Baselga and Sopramonte.


While I had been leaning towards the Sopramonte path- mostly because I had been there before, in the end I decided to take the road from Baselga, simply because that allowed me for a bit more time and the road from there looked shorter, on paper. It was the best thing to do- I had never been to Baselga despite living less than 10 kms away from there, and it's always nice to get to some new places while geohashing. Also, the expedition required more time than I thought, so the 10 minutes I saved by getting off the bus before the Sopramonte terminus proved precious.

Once I walked through the small village, the road started to go fairly uphill, until I got to a couple country houses, where the paved road ended and a muddy path began. That was my last landmark- I only had to rely on my GPS from there. Luckily I was near Trento so I was able to orientate a bit by myself, but finding the exact place proved to be quite a challenge. It was the first time (apart from the failed Cinte expedition earlier this year) that I was hashing without exactly knowing what to expect, so it was particularly exciting. I had to walk down a steep cliffside to get to the hashpoint, but I was able to do that without getting hurt so all for the good. I spent a lot of time there trying to understand where the hashpoint was (the GPS reception wasn't the best) and in the end I came to the conclusion that it fell right next to the palce where some carnivorous animal had feasted on a poor bunny. It was a very wicked turn of events indeed; the algorhythm proved to have a very bad sense of humour.

Anyways, after I took the photos, I noticed that it was too late to try to take the bus from Sopramonte, so I took the same road as before and arrived in Baselga a few minutes before the bus came.