2013-03-30 45 -123

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Sat 30 Mar 2013 in 45,-123:
45.3109856, -123.0758843

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Ag Land near Newberg



Go by and visit after the festival



The plan to go and visit this one after the festival. However, as I was wandering by the various earlier hashpoints, I noticed that my gas was getting lower in my car. I though "I should get gas as I go through Hillsboro on my way home from the festival."

However, I forgot about this plan on way home. I passed home and headed for Bald Peak Road to visit the area around the Hashpoint.

However, once partway there, I realized that I had forgotten something important, and I no longer had enough gas to go the hashpoint and then to a gas station. (And all the gas stations were about 10 miles north.) Nor did I have enough time to go up and get gas and then return to the hashpoint.

So, I headed home and got gas the next day. Leaving the hashpoint for another day, perhaps.