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Thu 28 Mar 2013 in 52,5:
52.6003682, 5.9046992

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In a farmland near Kampen.


Shevek (talk) and a friend.


A few days ago we decided to meet up today and go geohashing. This was the best graticule for us. Shevek hitch-hikes to Hoogeveen, where we'll meet up around 10:00. We'll go by car to Kampen from there.


I didn't want to be too early, so I left sort of late. But you never know what happens with Hitch-hiking; where it usually takes at least half an hour to get picked up, I now got a ride within 5 minutes, to a place which I knew to be really good (Assen). And indeed, I eventually arrived in Hoogeveen 30 minutes before I has expected.

We went to the hash location without a problem, and when we arrived at the farm, we tried to find the farmer. However, it seemed that nobody was home. Since there was only grassland (and some fences) between us and the hash, we decided that we could go there anyway. So after walking about 100 m, and feeling pretty cold due to the wind, we arrived sort of at the hash location. To go from there to the exact hash location was harder than we expected... My friend's phone has a GPS-receiver, but it had no way of displaying the current coordinates. It could display our location on a map, but we were unable to put the hash on it (it would always snap to the nearest road).

Eventually, we used a map which showed Electricity transmission pylons. This map was on my NanoNote, and also included the hash location. Combined with a compass, this allowed us to reach the proper place.

So after taking some pictures, we went back to the car. When we arrived there, a man was just entering to visit the farmer. So we followed him, and did find the farmer this time. So we talked to him, and he gave us permission to have been on his land. :-) He looked like he didn't know what to expect exactly; he seemed slightly worried about the hordes of Geohashers flooding his land. But we said there would probably be no others.

Since all this was really just an excuse to get out, we then went on to Kampen, where we walked around and looked around at the city. I wanted to send a hashcard to Elwingelfje, but I didn't have her address with me, so that didn't work. Better luck next time. Or should I say better preparation? :-)

The way back was smooth as well; we had another drink in Hoogeveen, and then I hitch-hiked back to Groningen.


To be done.


To be done.