2013-03-28 -37 143

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Thu 28 Mar 2013 in -37,143:
-37.6003682, 143.9046992

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Up a spooky bush track in navigators (in the middle of the night!)



Seemed pretty straightforward, there were several roads leading to the hashsite according to the android app and google maps. Oh how google maps was wrong. The first attempt, to come at the road the hash is on from the West, let us see that there was in fact NO ROAD (or it was some ethereal ghost-road), all we found was a cliff with trees on it, inaccessible by vehicle and too spooky to go through on foot at night. So we doubled back, up around North and back down to access it from the East, just off Yankee Flat Road, once again, this must be some ghost road, because it was almost unfindable. First we were taken to a river, not a road at all, then a driveway heading in the entirely wrong direction, and then finally after 20 mintues of faffing about we found the road we were looking for, very poorly signed (if at all) the only way we knew that was it is because we showed as on it on Google Maps. After heading about 500 metres down this road we found a house, so it was someones driveway. Of course country folk don't like lights being shone in their windows at midnight so we had to get out of there, but the track continued on past the house... into the dark, creepy bush, it got narrower and narrower and we decided to just let it go. Fail.