2013-03-26 37 -122

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Tue 26 Mar 2013 in 37,-122:
37.3601815, -122.0628796

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In the middle of the northbound lane of 85!


Anniepoo is headed that way later today, looking for drag alongs from Menlo Park area.

FunkyTuba already posted a GPS shot that he's passed through it on the sfsj-geohash list




Drove down about 4:15pm, and, predictably, it being an easy hash, something had to go wrong.

For some reason my phone wouldn't pick up GPS all the way down. I did have a track recorder running, which might have been part of it.

I figure out I've gone past, I come back up to El Camino, probably passing thru it, pull off into a parking lot and sort out the phone. Finally get navigation working.

Drive back down on city streets to the exit south, come back, pass thru the hash point and snap a screen capture as I do.

Pull off onto El Camino again and grab campechana de camaron e pulpo at Chalateca

Continue on to Panera and set up laptop, where I'm writing this.


On my way to work, I went up 85 instead of 280 ... then actually went back down 85 because I saw bad traffic up on 101 :D. It was a little tricky to time the screen capture and not run into anyone, but I was able to manage it. Not recommended. Do not try this in your vehicle alone... drag a passenger along and double up your achievements.



How can you avoid speed racer?

A: (after the hash) Traffic!

FunkyTuba earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (37, -122) geohash on 2013-03-26 at 65 mph.
  • Land geohash