2013-03-25 34 -84

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Mon 25 Mar 2013 in Roswell:
34.0108820, -84.5744300

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Right at the entrance way to a hotel in Kennesaw a mere 100 feet off of the path that I ride my bike to and from work everyday.



I rode back to my truck after work [1] riding by the geohash spot by only 100 feet. I know, not close enough. It was really cold and I had my eTrex in my bicycle bag along with my camera. I was wearing thick ski gloves and didn't want to fumble around with digging through my bicycle bag that had my work clothes in it too. So I continued on to my truck only .3 of a mile away. I drove back the .3 of a mile and found the geohash spot. I took a few pictures and then drove home to Norcross as I would normally do.