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Sat 23 Mar 2013 in 50,11:
50.8781701, 11.9215718

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Near Kraftsdorf in East Thuringia.



Nothing much to say about the expedition except that it was pretty cold. I knew most of the way, but our everlasting winter took care that my little tour wouldn't be boring:

  • some of the roads had snow drifts all over them,
  • most cycleways were frozen and couldn't be used,
  • when I was optimistic enough to still try to use cycleways I always got on ice or snow on the first 100 meters,
  • then some icy mud got stuck in my pedal so the cleats wouldn't work any more before I cleaned them,
  • the cold made me incredibly hungry, and it's really good jaw training to eat a frozen whey bar (don't ask why I even have whey bars, I really don't know, sometimes I curse my eagerness to experiment)
  • and in addition to all that there was strong East wind - and since the East is on a higher altitude that roughly translates as "headwind whenever it goes uphill".

Not too nice, but at least the sun was shining and my bike has some new parts that also made cycling a lot nicer than last week. Hashpoint reached, and now I love my warm home all the more.


So watch out, cause this place is gonna burn!  
I wonder if this was a good idea.  
When it's cold, everyone's a Ninja.  
Proof of location.  
A pretty steep hash location, again.  
View from the Geohash back to my bike.  
Hans in the backpack.  
A pub named "Zur guten Ausrede"/"Good Excuse" - I probably should have asked what it was...  
Still winter, goddammit.