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Thu 21 Mar 2013 in 55,37:
55.5911662, 37.6150509

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Near Krasniy Stroitel' railway station, Chertanovo district.



I was almost sure that it is no public access, however the weather was nice, the route was known, and I had time for a walk.


Walked essentially in a straight line trough Yasevevo, Bitsevskiy forest-park, Chertanovo. Then upon hitting the railway turned right.

Chertanovo is a "bedroom district", meaning it has almost no industry. It is well connected to the rest of the city with Metro system. The railway separates it with contrasting Biryulyovo industrial zone, and further West and East Biryulyovo districts, which doesn't have such sound connection to the city - they feel more "proletarian", less developed.

So the hash falls on that border. More precisely it is on the territory of a garages cooperative, no public access - a guard with a dog confirmed.

Nearest street adds to the collection of strange street names (making it two with " Standard street") - it is "Road street" or perhaps "Roads street" (Дорожная улица).

Crossed over the railroad at the station, walked trough Biryulyovo industrial zone and trough West Biryulyovo district to the bus-stop, and on bus back home.

Returned to the very same bus stop 5 days later for the Biryulyovo Arboretum hash


2013-03-21 55 37 Tracklog.jpg


Near the hash.

On the way to tha hash and in Biryulyovo.