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2013-03-17 43 -116

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Sun 17 Mar 2013 in 43,-116:
43.4637178, -116.0939330

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[edit] Location

Just off interstate 84, at the Black's Creek exit.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

We were heading to C.J. Strike reservoir to go fishing. We planned to stop at the hash point on the way.

[edit] Expedition

This hash was extremely easy to get, being right at an interstate exit, on our way to where we were going fishing today. We got off the interstate at the Black's Creek exit, and pulled off to the side of the exit ramp about 25m from the hash. It only took a couple minutes to walk to the hash, snap a few pictures, and be back on our way. All in all, an expedition which was unremarkable except for its convenient location.

[edit] Photos