2013-03-16 52 -2

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Sat 16 Mar 2013 in 52,-2:
52.6734163, -2.4521782

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Telford, Shropshire, UK



Drive to Telford, park near by arrive before dark. Checking the map I looked very likely that I could get right to the hash point as it was located at the North (-western) end of Telford Town Park.

Remember to pack all location kit,camera for pictures and walking boots as I expected it to be muddy.


Set off at about 3pm from Gloucester. Not where I live but that’s where I started, so this was going to be a bit of a trek... Up the M5, past the multicoloured tower blocks in West Bromwich, onto the M6 – not jammed-up (relief) and on to the M54. Not much of an opportunity to admire the view as it were and relying on my nuvi 550 to get me to a nearby car park.

Arrived at Yellow Beech Short Stay in the Telford Shopping Centre just before 5pm. Changed into walking boots got rucksack sorted and set off. I was on a mission to get to this hash point. It was the first one in a year that I had undertaken and it was likely to be the first one that I could actually reach and stand on top of that point on the Earth! – Well allowing for the margin of error in GPS and WGS84.

First thing, GPS doesn’t work in a concrete and steel car park, so I had to get outside with GPS devices in hand. Right then: turn left and go towards those trees on the hill, and found the footpath leading to the summit. Got to the top and it was wet and muddy. So I wandered about squelching, trying to get as close to the hash point as possible before taking a photograph. After 10 minutes, it was getting dark and my fingers were getting cold so I settled for location 52.673417°N 2.452142°W, according to GPS Essentials.

The bushes and trees were too tall in most places for a grand panorama. A few gaps afforded distance views, but perhaps that’s the point. People come to the park to escape the regimentation of the car parks, shopping centres and office blocks.

Worked my way back to the car, now about 6pm.

Returning home I went via Ironbridge as I wanted to see the bridge. In retrospect I’d have been better going another day as I would have been able to see much more of the gorge and the surrounding scenery that the dark and the rain obscured. Anyway I did get to see the bridge in a soft, subdued orange glow.


tansuo earned the Land geohash achievement
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