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Wed 13 Mar 2013 in 48,8:
48.1101594, 8.1948311

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Going there :P


I tried it without using my GPS (I used it to log, so I have proof, but did not enter the coordinates)

It was damn cold, so I took my car. It was just a quick ride toward it. Then there was a No-Trespassing sign for cars. I left my car and went on. It was not far, but cold as hell as I mentioned before.

I wanted to catch the beauty of this winter day with my camera. But she can't :(

The second picture I took of the Geohash. Then I think I went to the Hash myself (I really don't know, did not check the Tracklog now (17:12, 13 March 2013 (EDT)))

But I could not take the Stupid Grin picture because my camera battery died. Did I mention that it was cold? So I went back full of hope that my tracklog will proof that I were there, if I were there ;)

Then I went home, almost killed a dog which was walking sloooowwwwwllllyyyy over the street (countryside ...) and went back into the warm, because I felt really cold (you know it was cold outside, I mean: COLD!) Especially because I'm an idiot and did not dress properly, I just put on a coat and went into the COLD without thinking how it was to be COLD. Probably it was not that COLD, but there was no warming sun and there was a lot of flowing air around me (how is it cold in english?? )

If I made it you will know after the add ;) Wait just a few hours or days I don't know :D

Ok the show goes on ;)

I think I made it. On the Googlemap it looks like I'm about 20 meters away, if someone don't like it, say it and we discuss it.

Look for yourself.




Will come, just two because my battery died. Not the first time when I'm hashing in the cold.

Update: I think they are lost :/


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