2013-03-11 50 11

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Mon 11 Mar 2013 in 50,11:
50.8724186, 11.5452874

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Frozen forest near Oßmaritz.



On Friday Juja already kinda promised to visit this Monday hash by bike, but when temperature dropped, snow fell and water froze over the weekend, she withdrawed her offer and obviously didn't even convince Jens to go on a short ride there. So instead of going to bed, Bergie had to care for the hash in the evening. She also took mommy and daddy with her and Simon, the chicken, to keep her warm. After driving about 10 km daddy parked the car near Oßmaritz right beside the path they had to walk for 500 m. Last 50 m contained some fighting through some brittle branches. Altogether not too difficult, but relatively cold (maybe -5 °C), especially for the photographer's fingers.


Coordinates reached.  
Manu, Simon and Bergie standing right on the hashpoint.  
Plus the photographer.  
More hash surroundings.  
View towards Oßmaritz, 170 m from the hash.  
Back at the car.