2013-03-11 -37 144

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Mon 11 Mar 2013 in -37,144:
-37.8724186, 144.5452874

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In a thistle paddock near Werribee

Who went[edit]


After failing to get to Collac earlier that day and losing the functionality of two of my bikes in one weekend I decided to try to deflower Shepparton graticule to cheer me up. I had the bike all packed with enough food and everything else needed to get me there, I left home at 10pm aiming to arrive at the hash near Euora at 7am. Just as left home I remembered that Melbourne University didn't pay attention to public holiday's and that in spite of it being Labour Day I still had to be there at 9 o'clock so i gave up and headed for the Melbourne West hash near Werribee instead which was about 50km away instead of 150. While this is a failed hash i didn't feel it was worth it's own write up as I didn't even make it past my driveway, I still got a hash done and I already had one failed attempt for the day.

I rode to Werribe taking the lovely (if a little smelly )Federation trail recommended to me by Felix. Unfortuntley i didn't get to see much of the old aquaduct infrastructure along the way as it was quite dark. Around Hoppers Crossing and Werribee I got a bit lost when the train ended and i had to start taking roads, while this wasted a fair bit of time on the bright side I got to ride along next to the train tracks on some very rough gravel which justified having a mountain bike on the trip. I found myself and rode along Bulban road til it's end, from here i was taking dirt roads which google maps on my phone didn't acknowledge the existence of so I was unsure how close I could get before venturing into paddocks. Luckily they took me right up to 400m from the hash where I dumped my bike, climbed the barbed wire fence and ventured into the paddock. I'm not sure what the paddock was meant to be for but it was full of thistles, I arrived at the hash at 12:55am with very scratched ankles.

I returned to my bike and headed in the opposite direction to I came from as it headed back towards melbourne, this route got me home much faster and I should have taken it on the way there but I enjoyed all that off road riding as I had mostly been riding road bikes recently.

here's my route http://goo.gl/maps/yG9Q4



Lachie earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 98km to and from the (-37, 144) geohash on 2013-03-11.