2013-03-10 36 -78

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Sun 10 Mar 2013 in 36,-78:
36.0379557, -78.8232070

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Just off E. Geer Street in Durham.


Birdray (talk)


On my way through on a road trip, I'm hoping to pull off and hit this point, then the 2013-03-10_36_-79 hash.


I was planning on making it through this area during late afternoon and then continuing on to the 2013-03-10_36_-79 point for a multihash. Upon originally surveying the map, it looked like the point was amidst several business buildings and I'd be able to unobtrusively park and wander in.

Plans changed and I didn't arrive until after dark. When I did, it was clear that the buildings I'd seen were actually houses, and I didn't think it the best idea to park near them and casually wander into their yards in the dark. There was, however, a gas station near the point, so I pulled into their lot, hoping to leave my car there and approach the point on foot from their lot without looking too suspicious.

When I parked, I realized I needed to double-check if there was a "topographical detail" option to check on my maps, because directly in front of my car was a 5-to-6-foot railroad track embankment, and like heck was I going to climb that in a strange field outside a gas station in the dark.

After this, it didn't seem worth it to try the 2013-03-10_36_-79 hash either, as that one was going to be a bit of a challenge and would've been worth it only for the multihash.