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Sat 9 Mar 2013 in 52,13:
52.3306481, 13.6416891

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This days hash is outskirts of Berlin near the village Zeuthen,
easily accesible via public transportation
with the nearest station being S-Bhf Wildau.

  • Expectation:
    The hash is located on the edge of a small forest, very close to a river
  • Reality:
    The hash was roughly 2m off the riverside just within the water.



I just recently found out about geohashing and finally got interested in visiting a hash myself. So I waited for the weekend which brought me this easy hash, accessible via public transportation and a brief walk.


I took public transportation to S-Bhf Zeuthen and then continued by bus to S-Bhf Wildau. (railway under construction) My first attempt to reach the hash came to a sudden stop when I reached the edge of the forest just 600m from the hash. A friendly red sign informed me not to trespass though a heavily used trail led right past it. I felt no desire to follow the path since the warning might be in place due to a rampant presence of raptors. I then circled back and followed the main road to access the hash from the back.

After a short walk I reached a senior center that led me right to the riverside. And there I found the corresponding path again. This time there were no signs put up although again the path was clearly visible. I felt like being in some kind of trespassing grey zone since there were no fences to vault or anything similar. The path led me into the forest and past some shabby shacks (did I just hear banjo music?) and abandoned buildings (to my luck no InGen property) followed by some balancing along a fallen tree across a muddy, tiny river. I then came to realize that the hash was unreachable without getting wet. But since the HashDroid app confirmed me being within the deviation of my GPS by showing me a green distance (somewhat between 4m and 9m) I felt that this would suffice. I left the necessary evidence on the spot closest to the hash and uploaded my position with my tab.


Had some issues with my GPS taking ages to get a satellite feed so only a short log was taken from the bus station to the hash. I see no need to post it here and am not quite sure where to do so in case I want to. So I might add it somewhen...


Pictures uploaded later on from the HashDroid app.


I'm not quite sure if I should get any achievements since the exact location of the hash was in the water but I'll consider this my first hash!