2013-03-07 -37 144

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Thu 7 Mar 2013 in -37,144:
-37.8385272, 144.3639408

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In a field near the Brisbane Ranges

Who went[edit]


When I got up this morning to check the hashes, feeling jealous of Lachie's 2013-03-07_-37_145 efforts the previous night, I discovered that there were two accessible geohashes that day.

Calling Lachie to learn of his plans, we decided to get both graticules - one each - that day. I soon headed out on my bike to the west on this clear sunny day. From Brooklyn I ventured off onto the Federation Trail - a bike path built for the Melbourne Main Sewerage Outflow Channel. Very pleasant - lots of 19th century brick aqueducts and the like.

From Werribee, I headed west, stopping only to be impressed by the under-construction Regional Rail project (a $5 billion dollar new rail line I've recently been told I won't be working on). I was told off for gawking by the traffic controllers there.

Beyond that, I took the quiet Bulban rd for many kilometres, admiring the You Yangs and bleak volcanic rock scenery. I didn't take enough water so got very thirsty.

At the hash, I lay down my bike and stomped 600m and a few fences getting to the hash point in a deserted field. Taking some photos and talking to Lachie on the phone about my achievement I returned to my non-stolen bike and headed off towards Bacchus Marsh and home. Here I saw a horse standing on a hill, but was too thirsty to appreciate it.

At Bacchus Marsh, I decided to continue on towards Melbourne, however this stretch was fairly trafficy and boring. Plus, I was getting late for my girlfriend's sister's pre-wedding dinner, so I stopped at Watergardens station to just miss a train back into town. Upon alighting at North Melbourne station I randomly bumped into two friends of mine, Dani and Brendan, which was nice. A very successful hash to a nice and largely unvisited part of Melbourne. All up 120kms, which was a surprise.

Here is the route I took.



Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 120km to the (-37, 144) geohash on 2013-03-07.