2013-03-04 50 11

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Mon 4 Mar 2013 in 50,11:
50.9085313, 11.4518289

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On a strip of snow-covered grass at the edge of Magdala, Thuringia.



Hard to believe this is my first geohash this year and even harder to believe it's my first bike trip with more than 3 km in 2013. Bergie couldn't come with me as she was seriously tired and had to sleep in the evening after I came home from work, but she told Sterni to accompany me, so nothing could go wrong. I chose a sensible round trip of 31 km for this evening ride which I started around 20:50 from Jena with temperatures slightly above freezing point and thighs strong as jelly. Finding the hashpoint and getting there wasn't an issue. I could even have asked some visitors of the nearby bowling alley to join the hash, but preferred to enjoy the hashpoint with Sterni and was relieved nobody was asking what I was doing there.


Coordinates reached.  
Standing at the hash.  
Sterni with the bowling building in the back.