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2013-03-03 52 6

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Sun 3 Mar 2013 in 52,6:
52.0160004, 6.1443803

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[edit] Location

On a small road in Doesburg, easy one

[edit] Participants

Eupeodes is planning to go as second in a row of at least 3.

[edit] Expedition

Went by train to Dieren, cycled from there. Some roads where closed for road works, so took some effort to reach the hash. The hash was on a road with houses on one side and water on the other. Was there at around 16.00. Took some pictures of the gps, the scene, a stupid grin and some birds. Then cycled back.

Cycled 22.05 km in total. Many more km's by train. Since Eupeodes did not go for the hash of yesterday this one is not the second in row. Also nothing new with this hash. The result is no achievements below.

[edit] Photos