2013-03-03 47 7

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Sun 3 Mar 2013 in 47,7:
47.0160004, 7.1443803

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The geohash is at Brüttelen near a street to Ins (canton Bern).

Who Went[edit]

TheOneRing - by public transport.

The Expedition[edit]


The weather seemed to be like forecastet: foggy. Unfortunately, this was confirmed when I reached Ins. Ok, no problem, at least no rain.

I left the train station and checked the map and my eTrex. The way to the geohash led through the village of Ins. When I left Ins, also the pavement ended and I had to walk aside the raod. Approximately 800m to the geohash, there was a farm track parallel to the street and I chose to walk there.

The geohash itself was then around 60m on a field next to the farm track. I don't know what will grow there, the plants were still to small. But due to the humid conditions because of the fog and melting snow, the field was muddy.

The necessary photographs I took at the geohash, but some more from the farm track, because I did not want to destroy any (or more) plants. Finally, I walked back to Ins and from there went back to Bern by train.



TheOneRing earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 7) geohash on 2013-03-03.
TheOneRing earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 7) geohash on 2013-03-03 using public transit.