2013-03-03 -34 151

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Sun 3 Mar 2013 in -34,151:
-34.0160004, 151.1443803

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Some place out in the swamps.





  • On a sunny Sunday I set out to reach the -34, 151 hashpoint, a graticule that had only been hashed once before owing to it being mostly ocean. "Easy", I thought, since this hashpoint was in a suburban nature reserve, only about a kilometre from a road. So I headed off, stopping briefly to purchase some furniture, hire a car, drop it home and then drive back to my bike. I rode along the beautiful beach past Brighton-le-Sands, crossed Botany Bay and followed a lovely bike path through the mangroves for a while. I should have twigged then.

About 10km further I found the "road" into the nature reserve which was basically knee high grass. My surly was built for that shit, though, so it was fine. The swampy mangroves on either side had me more concerned. Eventually the road becalmed inundated and so I left my bike by an old decrepit farm shed with a rusted old tractor, and headed off into the swamp. I got pretty muddy, but then had to wade a convenient creek which cleaned me up. Surprisingly the hashpoint wasn't in the swamp but a forested rise on the end of the peninsula so a bit of bracken bashing ensued. I didn't stay long at the hashpoint since it was in the middle of a thicket and I was worried it would get dark soon. On the way home I stopped for fish and chips by the beach. -- Tblundy (talk) 06:02, 3 March 2013 (EST)