2013-03-02 52 20

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Sat 2 Mar 2013 in 52,20:
52.1726841, 20.9984565

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Fenced construction site with empty gatehouse.



  1. 01/03/2013, 20:46 - Norill messages me about the next hash. It is placed in Warsaw, where I would be studying that day (yeah, class on saturday...). I saved the coordinates, charged GPS and checked the Google Map. It appeared that hash would be hard to reach, because it is placed on the roof of a building. But i wasn't worried - Street View on Google Map showed, that every gate will be opened. So i had a chance to reach the hash!
  2. 02/03/2013, 00:26 - I created a satellite map screen-shot of the hash and load it on my phone.


  1. 03/03/2013 14:17 - I finished classes at the college
  2. 03/03/2013 14:30 - I went into Ratusz-Arsenał Metro station and traveled to Wilanowska station.
  3. 03/03/2013 14:50 - I got on the bus 165 and got off at the bus stop Gruszczyńskiego. I'm at the place.

The place was very different from satellite view and Street View. It was completely torn down and demolished, surrounded by blue fence with some advertising of the future settlement, which was developed here. I found the possible place where the hash was and tried to reach it from every possible side. The blue fence area was surrounded from three sides. Last one was wide opened, so I done a traditional GPS dance there. I even got up into the secure estate, and tried to reach the hash that way, but to my misfortune the hash was at the only fenced area, which I couldn't reach. It was a construction site with empty gatehouse. So i took some photos and went back home...



Ziemek earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (about 10 meters) reaching the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-03-02.