2013-02-26 56 -2

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Tue 26 Feb 2013 in 56,-2:
56.2350292, -2.6707214

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Next to the sea, in a muddy field with pigs.


Wasindear (talk)


Wasindear's plan was to cycle from St Andrew's to the location. Though it was hatched on a whim.


Wasindear's plan was mostly successful, but he had to dismount for the final bit, as the field was far to muddy to allow for cycling.

I cycled from the town of St Andrews to the location. The co-ordinates were unfortunately in a very muddy field which was private land and had pigs on, so whilst I ruined my trousers dashing in to the pig pen and out again, I have no picture of me on the exact point. I also realised when I arrived that I had no way of showing the GPS on my phone, and there was no data connection available to use Google Maps. I had to settle for the very tedious method of geo-tagging pictures until I was standing outside the right pen, before making my attempt. The kind couple who took my picture happened to be from my home county, the only reason this is interesting is because my home county is about 500 miles away from the geohash location. All in all it was good fun, and I have discovered a few flaws in my setup that need to be remedied, namely having a way of showing GPS co-ordinates in raw terms on my phone.