2013-02-25 35 -92

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Mon 25 Feb 2013 in Conway:
35.1556592, -92.3842892

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In a yard in central Arkansas, outside of Conway.



This geohash wasn't too far from me, so I convinced a friend, AshtaraSilunar, to come with me and check it out.

It wasn't as isolated as I'd expected upon browsing Google Maps. The hashpoint was not far off of a major road, and even after turning off of the main road, the side road closest to the hashpoint was paved and even had other cars on it from time to time. It was still definitely the countryside, though, as the cow pasture on the side of the road made clear to us. (As it happens, upon attempting to ascertain the township in which the hashpoint resides, it appears that it is in fact not actually part of any town, which may be connected to its ruralness.)

I had a feeling that it might be on private property, and upon reaching the closest approach to the hashpoint found these suspicions confirmed. A no trespassing sign and roped-off road made it clear that trespassers, even benignly nerdy geohashers, would not be tolerated here. Therefore, I took pictures of the sign and the area, and we left.

On our way back, AshtaraSilunar and I stopped at the amusingly-named Pickles Gap Village. (Yes, there's no apostrophe there. Founders' mistake, not mine.) When we entered Pickles Gap, it was raining lightly if at all, though we'd seen lightning in the distance. Once we left about fifteen minutes later, it was pouring, to Drowned Rat levels. Perhaps it is a good thing we were unable to go tromping through the trees.



Haberdasher and AshtaraSilunar earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (35, -92) geohash on 2013-02-25.