2013-02-25 -35 149

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Mon 25 Feb 2013 in -35,149:
-35.3757303, 149.2176526

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This was in open bush land on the south-eastern side of Jerrabomberra Mountain Reserve, in the midst of a new residential area named Jerrabomberra that has been established immediately south of Queanbeyan, New South Wales.





I planned to go during my lunch time.



My GPS navigator took me to the street immediately beside the hash position, where a locked boomgate gives vehicle access to the path around the margins of suburbia for emergency services in case of forest fire.

I needed to walk up about 100m into the bush; about as far as from my car to the top end of the house-block that neighbours the bushland.

I went to very nearly the correct longitude, estimated my angle of walk from the path, and headed into the scrubby woods using the longitude readings on the GPS for reference.

I suddenly heard an animal sound, and I was faced with a full-grown male kangaroo at about 5m distance. It had obviously been 'nesting' during the heat of the day, and had stood up when I stumbled into its vicinity. We looked at each other for a moment, and I took a picture of him.

I then circled around to better triangulate using the GPS car navigator; it does not readily 'settle'. I came back to the vicinity of the kangaroo from the other side, and he decided to bound away from his day-bed.

I found that I could 'settle' the position best when about 3m from his bed. Pictures followed, then I returned via the letterbox of the nearest house where I left some details so they can find this entry.



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