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Sat 23 Feb 2013 in 50,11:
50.9267484, 11.2823594

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Crissar: Go out and have a nice winterwalk from Bad Berka via Bergern to the todays geohash.


In the woods near trainstation Legefeld


When I saw that there was a geohash once again very near to my flat, I decided to have a look to this hashpoint, especially because it was only ~2,5km air-line distance. That it would be about the 8km I walked finally was clear, but I was not believing that it would be so hard to walk nearly the whole distance through 25cm deep fresh snow. And that took a lot of power. I started in Bad Berka and after only a couple of meters I helped an older couple, because their car wasn't able to drive up a hill, because of the icy conditions on the road. After some tries and a lot of pushing the car climbed slowly but constant up the hill. Both were very happy that I passed by and for sure, I wouldn't have walked that way when I wouldn't have done geohashing. ;-)

I first walked path that I saw on my GPSr, but after some time I had to search for the right ways looking for the right direction because there was only wood and field, but no ways on my map. Temporary I wasn't able to see a single track because of the snow masses and walked across country as it got me nearer to the todays hashpoint. In the woods it was easier again, but I walked in a track of a harvester and under the snow was still thin ice and under that thin ice was muddy water. You can imagine what happened. I stepped a couple of times into these mudholes. Ugly, but I got at least no wet feet. I was able to walk on ways till I had to go off for the last 35-40m and then I arrived the hashpoint.

I tried to build up a snowman, after I made some pictures with the camera in my smartphone, which battery was very sickish under that icy conditions. Ok, the snow was not the best for buildung up a snowman, because it was powder snow and no sticky one. But I was able to build up a small one.

After that I continued walking home. It was amazing that footprints that I made into the snow were gone when I walked the same tracks back only a hour later. Have I said that it snowed today and that it was cold (minus 5°C) ;-)

After that 2hour journey I arrived home and had some "Quarkkeulchen". Yummy!


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