2013-02-23 33 -84

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Sat 23 Feb 2013 in Atlanta:
33.9267484, -84.2823594

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In the back parking lot of a business in Doraville.



This is the weekend that I have my son. My mom came to visit also to see my son slightly before I was to set off to Geohash. My mom decided to go along with my older brother. So on this 60th Saturday official meetup, there was three generations of Geohashers.

The trip was only an 11 mile drive from my home and was mostly all interstate to get to. 15 minutes at most to drive there. I took pictures of being inside the 10 meter requirement from inside the vehicle to show how easy it was to find the Geohash spot. We then all got out and had pictures taken at 13 feet to go. The actual spot was up an embankment with a steep slope that I didn't want my mom to try to make her way up, nor did I want to try to hang on while carrying my son. 13 feet was close enough.

My mom and my older brother were both joking about possible awards to be taken. I had checked on oldest geohasher and that stands at 84. My mom is well below that age, so doesn't qualify. But we were wondering if there is an award for 3 generations....???