2013-02-20 -37 144

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Wed 20 Feb 2013 in -37,144:
-37.6554927, 144.2887369

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In a paddock near Ballan



My plan was to get two geohashes in one day, this being my second. See 2013-02-20_-37_145 for the first one.


I left my previous hash at 1:42pm on foot for the first bit then bike for the rest planning on going to the Ballan hash via Yarra Glen- Kinglake - Whittlesea - Mount Macedon.

My first stop was to fill up my water bottles at a petrol station in Yarry Glen. I've filled up my water bottle at the outdoor tap at hundreds (or at least dozens) of petrol station all over Victoria and never had a problem other than Beaufort where even at 3am the water is warm and tastes like dirt.

The water from the tap from the petrol station at Yarra Glen tasted a lot like petrol but I didn't notice until I'd already had a few mouthfuls. I went to the tap in the bathroom and rinsed out both my bottles several times but couldn't quite get rid of the taste. I informed the shopkeep that the water at the tap tasted like petrol but he didn't seem to care and told me it wasn't drinking water.

(Edit 24/02/13: When talking to Felix about this hash as soon as I mentioned the petrol staion in Yarra Glen he told me not to drink the water).

I continued my ride up to Kinglake and passed the bus shelter in Pheasant Creek where I almost spent the night on a previous hash trip. The Kinglake to Kinglake west stretch of the ride is a lot more pleasant than I remembered not having seen anything on my last trip you are riding along a ridge for most of it with good views both ways with gentle undulating hills. The last few km to Whittlesea is a relaxing moderately steep descent that you can roll down very fast without trying. At some point between Kinglake West and Whitlesea I started feeling incredibly tired and slightly nauseous. In Whittlesea I decided i was not up for the original planned route of going over Mount Macedon and that I would take a short cut going through Mickleham knocking about 60km off the route. I continued on the shorter route and turned into Donnybrook road, about 1km down it (up it, it's quite steep) my vision was getting blurry and i could barely stay on my bike. I'm not sure if this was due to drinking too much petrol, being dehydrated(it was a hot day and I'd been hesitant to drink much water due to the petrol taste) or my just being a sookly lala. ~200k more riding was definitely not an option so i went home opting for the 8k ride to South Morang station rather than the 30km directly home. My only consolation being I'd never caught a train on the South Morang line before.

Within 10 minutes of getting on the train I felt perfectly fine and deeply regretted my decision.


route for this hash only http://goo.gl/maps/WyEJd



Lachlan earned the Prize poultry Consolation Prize
by chickening out on the (-37, 144) geohash on 2013-02-20 because of some combination of tiredness, dehydrations, poisoning and/or the reality of work the next day..