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Sun 17 Feb 2013 in 45,11:
45.8821059, 11.0117822

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On the side of a road in Cornalé, Isera, Trento




Should be an easy one.

Going in the afternoon, taking the state railway between Trento and Rovereto, get bus n.2 to Cornalé from there, a short 15 minutes ride. I'll only have 11 minutes there, but the hash is very close to the bus stop. Take bus n.2 back to Rovereto and then another train to Trento.


The thing I failed to mention while writing the plan yesterday was that the hash was located just inside a fenced garden. From Street View, it looked like it was a shared garden between 2/3 blocks of flats, which I could access without begging people on my knees to let me go inside to take a picture from my GPS, so I decided to give it a try anyways. Also, I love Sunday geohashing, as transports are generally emptier than usual and consequently more likely to be on time, and also I combine it with listening to local soccer games commentaries- one of my guilty pleasures.

Everything went indeed fine. The weather wasn't the best- it always looked like it was about to rain- but in the end it didn't, and it was a very easy hash, especially compared to my last (failed) one.

I left home on time (sometimes that rarely happened to me while geohashing), the bus was on time, got to the train station. The train was on time as well. I got to Rovereto, where I had a good deal of time on my hands- the bus to Cornalé wasn't coming in 20 minutes. So instead of waiting at the station bus stop I took a stroll down Corso Rosmini, the main road in the small city, and one of my favourite urban landscapes in my area. When I got to the other end of the road I stopped to take the bus from there. The bus was 3/4 minutes late.

Once I got on board, I realized that my GPS stopped working. I wasn't really happy at the idea of not being able to provide complete proof, but the hash was located in an easy to find point so the GPS wasn't going to be vital in this expedition anyways. The driver was taking it extremely easy, but who could blame him- Sunday afternoon duty, almost empty bus, no traffic. Although I guess he never exceeded 30 km/h, we never met a red light or had to stop to board passengers, so I arrived to Cornalé on time.

Cornalé is a small group of houses + a soccer field, just outside Rovereto. I didn't expect anyone to be around, but a couple got off the bus with me. "Well they can't be living in the houses outside MY garden, I hope!" Needless to say they did. I didn't really feel like answering questions as I had less than 10 minutes to do what I had to do, so I followed them slowly and watched them get inside their house before I opened the gate. I hope they didn't notice me because if they did, they probably thought I was a creep or something.

Anyways I went inside, took some photos and got back to the bus stop. The bus and the driver were the same as before, so I had another relaxing trip to Rovereto, from where I got another train to Trento and got home.