2013-02-16 50 11

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Sat 16 Feb 2013 in 50,11:
50.9742546, 11.8157084

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Almost on the road to Pretschwitz (near Eisenberg) in East Thuringia.


  • Juja
  • Juja's favorite Ninja
  • a new Ninja
  • the April Hare


The April Hare is becoming more and more of a Winter Hare: today he again insisted on accompanying Juja to this nice Geohash point. But what was even better was that two Ninjas also wanted to come with Juja - so although it was no classic "good weather" but foggy and wet instead, a group of three (and a hare) cycled to the point over partly snowy and frozen ways. Found the point without problems, the new Ninja slowly came to understand that Juja was not joking when she said the other day that a muddy meadow would be the destination of the bike trip, and after the camera sacrificed its last bit of battery for the proof-of-location-photo, the group soon left the point again and hurried home (for having some ice cream)...


On our way to never-never-land.  
Proof of location.  
April Hare and Ogre near the point.