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Fri 15 Feb 2013 in 61,23:
61.5597772, 23.5533424

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In Elovainio industrial area, between some small industry buildings. Seems to be very easily reachable, if not private property.



  • Less than 10 minute drive from work, might go there at around 4pm if I have time. -- TeukkaM @61.5114,23.5729 09:18, 15 February 2013 (EET)


It was Friday 4 pm and it seemed like all business had already ended. I had feared I would have to dodge people or ask silly (well, justified) questions. But there was nobody there and all set our for a quiet expedition. The location was as I had surveyed: an open yard between a small construction company and a Land Rover dealership. Except with tons of snow piled up where the hash point was supposed to be located. I circled both sides of the yard before concluding there was no other way to reach the hash other than wading in the knee-high snow. The hashpoing seemed to be located exactly where a small lone tree was growing. I quickly snapped some photos as a proof and scribbled the standard greeting in the snow using my finger. Easiest hash reached so far, as without the snow it would have been practically a drive-in.