2013-02-06 32 -116

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Wed 6 Feb 2013 in 32,-116:
32.9621627, -116.9879704

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In a valley off the end of Garden Road in Poway, CA


LucasBrown reached the hashpoint at 11:36 (PST)


  • Hmmm... can I squeeze in a hike today? -- Mathgeek 08:37, 6 February 2013 (PST)


LucasBrown's expedition:
I drove to the end of Hidden Valley Drive and proceeded by foot along a path roughly following the bottom of the valley. After a few hundred meters, both the valley and the path split, and I followed the southerly path to the hashpoint. The path quickly climbed a dozen meters or so while the bottom of the valley took a gentler slope, leading me about ten meters above the valley bottom. This path quickly led me to a spot about 17 meters from the hashpoint. The satellite imagery showed a rougher trail that would lead me to within a few meters of the hashpoint meeting the present trail obliquely a little ways further up the valley, so I proceeded to find this junction. This new, rougher trail was significantly less well-defined than the present trail, leading me to overshoot the merger. After backtracking a ways, I found the junction. This new trail led me to within five meters of the hashpoint, and after some pushing-aside of brush, the hashpoint was acquired.